Barbell Air Dried Steak (Biltong) 70g & 200g variety

The South African version of Jerky, Barbell Biltong is designed to be the ultimate low carb athlete’s food! With simple flavours of either chilli (The Burn) or original spice (The Benchmark), keep your body burning between meals with this beefed out snack - aka your low carb, keto new best friend! In two delicious flavours, Barbell Foods brings you your new post workout beefed out best friend! In ‘The Benchmark’ original spice flavour, and ‘The Burn’ for those with no fear of a little chilli, rejoice in a keto friendly snack with ancient origins!

What is biltong?

Cured, dried and seasoned meat, hailing from South Africa. Traditionally the meat is hung to dry. It can be any number of different meats but it in this instance, Barbell uses organic grass-fed beef!

What is the difference between biltong and jerky?

Essentially biltong is the South African version of jerky, whilst jerky hails from the Americas. Biltong is never smoked, but cured in vinegar and spice for flavour. Usually thicker than jerky, biltong delivers more texture and flavour. Jerky is dried on a rack, whilst Biltong is hung out to dry.

How to store

Biltong should last a good while when stored correctly. The idea is to keep it dry - so stored in a dry brown paper bag, some excess moisture should be absorbed by the paper. Generally the rule of thumb when it comes to Biltong is that if it ain’t mouldy, you can eat it! Biltong lasts months in the freezer, ready to go in your moment of need.

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