AmazeBalls – Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm Cheese


Product Description

High fat, up to 10g of protein per serve (depending on the flavour), and less than 1g of sugar or carbs, Amazeballs cheese snacks are the ultimate low-carb, crunchy and satiating between meals snack you’ve been looking for. In six Tasty Cheese flavours, eat straight out of the packet, or sprinkle on your salad, crouton style - without the carbs. Sweet baby cheeses!

Made in Tasmania, Australia, these gluten free treats are carefully crafted by Ashgrove Cheese to provide a low-guilt, satisfying, lighter cheesy snack. In a crunchy, ‘Amazeballs’ shape and six flavours; Havarti is your creamier, buttery flavour while Tasty Cheddar is your cheesier, saltier choice.

Gluten free, with no artificial elements and less than 1g of carbs or sugar, throw them in your bag on the run as the perfect low-carb merge of cheese and crackers for your snack time. Also recommended as an easy flavour boost to your salad or soup - score a bag of each flavour and discover which best suit your varied meals!