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A natural sweetener without the bitter aftertaste? Shut the front door! This delicious plant-based sweetener from Raw Earth has 94% less calories than sugar, and is low GI, so enjoy the sweetness without the later energy crash!

The power of a little sweetness to transform a meal can be nothing short of incredible! Introducing Raw Earth Natural Sweetener. Completely natural, without that metallic after taste that some sweeteners deliver, this little fella has 94% less calories than sugar. Conveniently fructose free, and low GI, your energy levels won’t plummet after a serving!

Owing its success as a product to the clever natural sweetness combination of erythritol, steviol, and the intriguing monk fruit extract, plant-based sweeteners, you can use this sweetener in your coffee or tea, add to cereal, for baking, or wherever you need a little bit of extra sweetness.

Raw Earth’s sweetener is available in two sizes, so you can leave one at home, and take one handy pack with you in your bag!

$5.80 – $8.99

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