100% Natural Xylitol - Naturally Sweet

Enjoy these handy home pouches of xylitol from naturally sweet. A great option for diabetics, with 40% less calories than sugar, yet all of the sweetness that you crave! Available in 225g and 500g pouches, you’ll never be popping next door for a cup of sugar ever again.

Naturally sweet now brings you two sizes of their 100% xylitol natural sweetener for easy home use! Add to your coffee, your tea, or whoever you enjoy a little sugar.

Xylitol is a fabulous alternative to sugar that is plant derived - usually collected from corn - and provides all of the sweetness of sugar, with 40% less calories. It’s also a great sugar alternative for diabetics, or anyone looking to control their blood sugar, and is less harmful to the health of your teeth than regular sugar! Use on a 1:1 swap for sugar for the same result.

$9.95 – $16.25

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