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You’ll never have a boring old salad again thanks to Pimp my Salad Salad Sprinkles! All vegan, raw, dairy free, paleo, and raw, enjoy all the goodness with none of the baddies! Designed to add a little spice to your life in the healthiest way possible, their five flavours of sprinkles offer something to suit every meal.

  • Less than 1g of Carbs per serve
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Paleo


We really lucked out with these ones! You won’t struggle to come up with uses for these little jars of goodness. Extraordinary Foods created these salad sprinkles to save you from ever having another boring salad as long as you shall live – woohoo!

Extraordinary Foods products are dehydrated for 16-24 hours, so they remain raw and don’t lose their vitamins and other nutritious goodies! Available in activated super seed, spicy sunflower, cashew parmesan, coconut bacon, and sea superfood sprinkle flavours, there’s a flavour to suit every one of your salads! But don’t just restrict yourself to sprinkling on salads, oh no – think soups, baked potatoes, rice, pastas, or even as a movie snack?

What about Coconut Bacon sprinkles atop a pumpkin, feta and balsamic salad? Or Cashew Parmesan sprinkles over your caprese salad? How about a Spicy Sunflower sprinkle over your roast veggies? My oh my, even if you just want to snack them straight out of the jar, the options are endless!

About Extraordinary Foods
It’s all about the glow. Extraordinary foods believe in a return to the way our ancestors created their food - naturally! Founders Alex and Olga travelled the world and eventually found Australia to be their home away from home - so they moved! Fresh outta Byron Bay, these guys make a delicious range of natural snacks that tie in oh-so-easily to the low carb, keto diet! From nuts, to kelp and kale, you’re nuts if you don’t give them a crack (get it get it)