Paleo Macadamia Powerfood Granola – Brookfarm


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You’d be nuts not to be nuts about this Macadamia Powerfood Granola! Available in a 330g and a single 40g serving, add to the top of your yogurt, slide onto your smoothie bowl or eat on its own with your favourite milk for a delicious keto-friendly muesli option!

  • Low carb & Keto Friendly
  • Powered by the goodness of macadamias
  • Paleo / vegan / ketogenic
  • Gluten & grain free

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Granola, aka MOOOSLI to us Aussies is more than a breakfast staple – it’s a way of life. Baked in Brookfarm’s Byron Bay Bakehouse and packing over 15g of healthy fats per serve, with just 1.4g of carbohydrates, you’ll love starting your day with the goodness of macadamia and coconut!

Whether you want to add it to your smoothie, top your more basic cereal, enjoy with yogurt, or top a smoothie bowl, you’ll know that your energy will be coming straight from nutty natural sources of fat. Yum!

About Brookfarm
King of nuts! From humble macadamia farm origins, Brookfarm bring a range of seriously good macadamia-fuelled products to the table. Baking out of Byron Bay, their range of macadamia mueslis are pretty famous in health food shops – but they do other things too! Their macadamia oils are dreamy, while their grain-based products are of the highest quality – as are their delicious muesli! Loaded with natural fat, macadamia truly is the king keto nut.