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Available in vege flax and herb flax flavours, Herbs of Life crackers aren’t your run-of-the-mill nutritionless cracker to use as a vehicle for your favourite cheese/dip/topping – these are full of goodness, fuelled by activated seeds and nuts, herbs and vegetables to add nutrition to your snack or meal in a low GI format!


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Why eat something that isn’t going to nourish your body? Herbs of Life are all about adding quality energy to your diet through using the best ingredients they can find.

Available in two flavours are loaded with the best keto friendly ingredients – the vege with a bit more of a vegetable base, and the herb loaded with herbs (der) for flavour and nutrition.

As well as being vegan, these low carb crackers are all organic and preservative free, free from sugar and soy, no baddies here!

They’ve also gone to extra mile to avoid yeast, rice and corn – no fillers either!

Also suitable for a paleo lifestyle and with its seeds activated from within, you can enjoy these keto friendly seed crackers and all their benefits solo, or treat them as a nutritious base for your favourite toppings!


Vege: organic shallots, organic zucchini, organic onion, organic flaxseeds, organic carrot, organic garlic, organic red capsicum, Celtic sea salt.

Herb: organic marjoram, organic rosemary, organic oregano, organic thyme, organic flax seeds, organic carrot, organic garlic, wild harvested dulse, Celtic sea salt