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We are nuts for the goodness of coconuts! An easy gluten free alternative to wheat flour, coconut flour is here to stand in, delivering a healthy dose of fibre along the way! Use to create your next batch of muffins or moist cake, or include in your morning pan-fried routine for some extra nutrition that doesn’t mess with your gut!

  • Gluten free and non GMO
  • A great nutritious substitute for wheat flour
  • Naturally high in fibre
  • Less is more! An effective thickener



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The way everyone is going with their natural health supplements, you’ve probably already enjoyed a dish using coconut flour without realising! A natural grain and gluten free alternative to wheat flour, The Wholefood Pantry Organic coconut flour is a delicious substitute that is also free from additives and preservatives.

So get baking – our favourite coconut flour inclusion is our morning banana pancakes, or Sunday corn fritters!

How do I use coconut flour?

In much the same way you would regular flour – to bake and create! The beauty of coconut flour is that thanks to its naturally high fibre content, you don’t actually need as much coconut flour as you might regular flour! Think about swapping 1 cup of wheat flour for 1/3 cup of coconut flour, an egg, and 1/3 cup of an extra liquid. How good! Moist baking is always a plus in our books.

How do they make coconut flour?

They don’t use the coconut juice, or the husk! They actually dry the coconut meat, and extract the oil, before grounding it into a fine powder! Man, coconuts really are such a versatile beast.

About Nutra Organics
Certified organic where possible, the Nutra Organics brand was born from a desire to move away from the nutrition-less products of the supermarket shelves, and inject more nutrition back into the family diet through high quality products. A family business, Nutra Organics are focused on the futures of our families, and play their part in creating a healthy future for the planet through recyclable packaging and sustainable ingredients. Aside from the greener elements, their products are easy to use, and taste delicious!
Certified Organic Coconut Flour