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Oil always gets so messy, doesn’t it? Those annoying rings from the bottom of the jar or bottle on all your surfaces… Well look no further than LOCAKO’s new MCT oil in powder form! Simply add two teaspoons and consume the way you would regularly consume your MCT oil for all of the same benefits, without the mess!




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Your MCT oil just got altogether less messy, keto friends! Now available as a powder with vanilla flavour by LOCAKO, this dairy-free, 1% carbs MCT oil in powder form is designed to begin your day by supporting ketosis.

Lovers of MCT cite better brain power and memory function, slow-release energy and endurance, and improved weight management via the thermogenic effect and boosted metabolic function, Simply add two teaspoons to your morning drink of choice, or pre-workout for even energy release. You can even add to your yogurt, or use in baking!


100% Coconut based Medium Chain Triglycerides, MCT consists of Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10), Prebiotic Acacia Fibre, Natural Vanilla

About Locako
These guys must be consistently consuming their own products to get so clever! Between creamers and gummies, the quality and percentage of fats in their products are the dream formula to get your mind going, and your body fuelled correctly. Without using sugar or gluten, and with a large emphasis on MCT oil, these products support ketosis and help to start or punctuate your day with extra energy! Health is their priority, and their products support the low-carb, keto lifestyle to a tee.