MCT Creamer – Ketao


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This MCT Creamer from Ketao include prebiotic fibre and is designed to support a keto low carb lifestyle! Designed to function as a fuel to get your day started right, this MCT Creamer is a healthy source of fats, and a great way to boost your digestion first thing, as well as fuelling your brain!




30 Servings, 225g

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Created using Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs to us keto folk), this Creamer provides healthy fats that are the body’s ideal source of energy, speedily changing into ketones that support brain and body function. MCTs Other benefits include assisting weight loss and improving metabolising speed, aiding gut health, and providing a more stable energy levels throughout the day when compared to carbohydrates. It’s the perfect keto product!

MCT creamer is so easy to use! Just add to your shakes, or simply mix into your black coffee for a tasty, creamy and energising beverage. It can also be used in cooking, particularly baking, and to make raw treats!

MCT Creamr uses goMCT (the highest quality MCT on the market) and acacia fibre with no corn, maltodextrin or artificial ingredients. Acacia fibre is a prebiotic that is friendly on the gut and doesn't affect blood sugar like many other MCT powders do. Therefore it is 100% Keto friendly.