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While store-bought marinades are often a trap of excessive sugar and salt, Walden Farms have put in the hard yards so that you can enjoy marinades and sauces in a healthier way! With almost no carbohydrates, sugar or calories, these marinades/sauces are the perfect accompaniment to the keto lifestyle.





Oh marinades, the easiest way to make your protein delicious! Trouble is, most store-bought marinades are laden with carbohydrates and sugar, adding a sneaky and unnecessary dose of calories and energy to your meal that you probably didn’t account for! Introducing marinades and sauces by Walden Farms. Proudly sporting less than 1g of sugar and carbohydrates per serve, plus roughly 13kj of energy per serving, there’s no good reason not to douse your proteins in these marinades and enjoy!

Available in  Soy, ginger and garlic and sweet BBQ there’s a flavour option for every cuisine, cut of meat, and occasion! It’s up to you whether you enjoy these as a marinade to prepare your meat in, or a sauce to for dipping or drizzling… Use the sweet BBQ for dipping chicken wings, and the soy, ginger and garlic flavour for marinating tofu or pork!

About Walden Farms
Walden Farms create delicious products without overloading them with sugar or artificial sweeteners! Their point of pride is this: all of their products are fat free, sugar free, carb free, gluten free, dairy free, non GMO, and low on calories! It doesn’t sound realistic – but the thing is, they’re pretty clever. Boost the flavour offering of your food without boosting the kilojoules and enjoy food the way it’s meant to be!