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Available from our Australian keto & Low carb store in seven fabulous flavours! Choose from Vanilla, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Caramel, Chocolate, Butterscotch and Original, you’ll feel like you’re cheating for the result that this teeny tiny natural additive delivers. With no carbs or sugar, Liquid Stevia drops are perfect for naturally sweetening your coffee or drinks on the go.


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Look after your body by choosing a natural choice for your sweetener with Nirvana Organics Liquid Stevia Drops. In a time where so many artificial products flood the market, with so many fillers to bulk our products, choose a sweetener that is high in quality, and high in concentrate – so you only need a teensy bit for a massive change in flavour!

Nirvana Organics’ Liquid Stevia Drops come in seven fabulous flavours (including your classic flavourless sweetener) so that you can finish all of your healthy keto treats feeling satisfied you’ve achieved your sugar hit – without the carbs or sugar. In a convenient 50ml dropper bottle, throw it in your bag so you can slip it into your coffee on the go! or hot cacao to make the perfect hot chocolate, or can be added to baking – just choose the flavour that suits you.

Where can you buy Liquid Stevia in Australia?

From our online, Australian-based store, of course! Enjoy seven unique Australian made flavours that due to their high quality concentrate require only the smallest addition.

About Nirvana Health Products
Nirvana exists to bring people plant-based, natural products that don’t mess with your GI or your ketosis. Beginning with their range of natural sweeteners, natural therapies pro Kim created the range when she was unhappy with the artificial sweetener products that were on the market. Seeing a gap, she created her range of all natural sweeteners, and the rest followed! Whether it’s high quality salts, sugars or oils, there’s something to supplement every meal.
Distilled water, certified organic stevia extract, natural flavour, food-grade alcohol as preservative