Keto Fat Coffee Drops – Essentially Keto

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Combining natural sweeteners and 23g fat in the form of grass-fed butter + organic coconut products with all natural salted caramel flavour,

It’s designed to be blended with your morning coffee, but can be enjoyed straight out of the packet!

Boost your mind and fire up your body for the day ahead.


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Start your day with a boom! Designed with Bulletproof coffee in mind, Essentially Keto’s Fat drops are here to help you take the day by storm. Begin the morning by powering your brain and your body with a good dose of ethically sourced healthy fats in conjunction with your morning coffee.

Kickstart the day’s ketosis with a satiating fat fix that at once powers your mind, curbs sugar cravings, maintains your blood sugar levels, and tastes DELISH.

In a delectably Keto crafted salted caramel flavour, let your taste buds come alive with the natural joy of caramel,  salt and cacao – all carb, sugar and guilt free, with 23g of fats and less than 2g of carbs per serve… Simply combine one Fat Drop with a warm espresso in your food processor, blend for five seconds, and voila – foolproof bliss!

In convenient packs of five, you’re organised for the working week. Prepare to fly out of bed with a morning ritual that you’ll look forward to every day.

Grass fed butter, organic coconut oil, organic coconut butter, erythritol, organic raw cacao, pasture raised gelatin, Himalayan salt, natural caramel flavour and stevia