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We love a clever cracker, and these are some bright and crunchy sparks from Keto Kitchen Corner! Introducing their salt and pepper and mixed seed crackers. Designed as a gluten free, low carb, high fat cracker option, these babies slide in oh-so-easily to the keto diet! You can thank us later.

  • The goodness of almonds
  • Gluten free
  • Super low carb
  • High in fat and protein



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A simple recipe means that there’s nowhere to hide – so these keto crackers from Keto Kitchen Corner are a transparent hero! Made simply using the natural goodness of almond meal, egg whites, psyllium husk, salt and pepper, it’s all there, right where you can see it. With just over 1g of carbs per serving, plus 11g of fat and almost 6g of protein, it’s the perfect keto vehicle for all your favourite cracker toppings.

Almond meal is a fantastic keto substitute for flour in many recipes, offering a hearty dose of protein in place of empty carbohydrates, while delivering a nutty flavour, and helping many ‘carby’ style foods transition from gluten foe, to gluten free!

Available in delicious salt and pepper flavour, and original mixed seed, there’s one to season your toppings, and one for when your food has flavour enough all on it’s on – and just needs that hearty crunch. They’re that more-ish, chances are, you’ll find yourself eating them straight out of the bag until they’re all gone!

Try them with tart cheddar cheese, your secret guacamole recipe, or even as the crunchy chip component of a homemade keto nachos! Can we come over for dinner? You’re making us hungry.

About Keto Kitchen Corner
The name says it all – these guys create products to help you maintain that keto lifestyle with ease! Created by Katherine, who has been enjoying the benefits of a keto lifestyle for years, all products are small batch, and made with love. Whether you’re low carb, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, or just generally health conscious, Keto Kitchen Corner has a product for you!
Salt and Pepper Flavour: Almond Meal (53%), Egg White (39%), Psyllium Husk (5.9%), Salt, Pepper.