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Hemp is that funny food that we think is naughty, but is pretty much just some nutty seeds with some good nutritional stuff going on. Enjoy these Hemp Hearts as a crunchy and nutritional boost to your meal for some great plant protein, and omega 3 fatty acids!




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If you’ve never tried the wonderful taste of Hemp, these Hemp Hearts are a fabulous way to start! Called hearts because they are hulled, just the wonderful centre remains, which is loaded with nutrition, and easy for your body to digest! A great source of plant based protein, and loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, hemp is wonderful for your skin, and great at keeping you fuller for longer.

Hemp has a nutty taste and a crunchy consistency, and is a great topper for salads, yogurt, smoothie bowls, or muesli – or just snack on them as they are! It’s never too late to get into hemp…