Cold Pressed Organic Avocado Oil – Melrose


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Another way to add avocado into your diet? Yes please! This cold pressed avocado oil from Melrose is one of the most nutrient-rich oils, and supports heart health, gorgeous skin, and adds a boost of antioxidants and fats into your meals. Enjoy on salads and for cooking at medium temperatures!




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Did you ever hear anyone ask for less ways to enjoy avocado? Us either. We love this powerfully nutritious offering from Melrose Health! In this nutrient rich, concentrated oil, a whole new way to utilise avocado is introduced into your keto diet! Melrose avocado oil is pressed cold from avocado flesh to extract its nutrient-rich oil, and functions as a dual use oil for cooking food and dressing your favourite meals. A natural source of phytosterols, avocado oil also works to improve heart health, and elasticity in skin.

How should I use avocado oil?

With a light avocado flavour that doesn’t dominate, in addition to being delicious, avocados have high levels of antioxidants and a high level of fats, making avocado oil a fantastic binder as a dressing to bring all those flavours alive, or to drizzle on top as the final touch!

You can also incorporate it into breakfast time, by drizzling it onto your toast over tomato and basil instead of butter, or if you’re a true home chef, use it as the oil base for your next herb-infused oil, mayonnaise or aioli!

It can also be used effectively as a cooking oil for medium temperatures (think up to 200 degrees) for an extra nutrient hit. We’re sure you can figure out some good external uses for avocado oil too! Think dry skin and split ends… your body is really going to be thanking you!

100% organic avocado oil