Coconut Chips – Beach Harvest


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These chips are the real deal when it comes to keto chips – because what could be more keto than coconut? Made in Australia from coconuts harvested off Queensland beaches, this fair dinkum Aussie snack in three flavours is waiting for the chance to jump in your beach bag to be enjoyed by the whole fam as a great low-carb keto snack in the sunshine!





Unlike cheaply made overseas imitations crafted with poor ingredients, these coconut chips by Beach Harvest are made with hand-picked, sustainably farmed organic Queensland coconuts right off the beautiful North East coast of Australia.

The process is simple – harvest, slice, dehydrate – never pressed nor preserved with artificial nasties, so these chips retain all the goodness of coconut oil in their natural state. Packing a whopping 30g of beautiful natural fats per serve, with around 3g of sugar, carbs and proteins varying slightly per flavour, these are the perfect, natural, Australian keto snack choice, harvested with love by those who understand what’s important in life.

Available in in both sweet and savoury flavours, don’t knock them til you’ve tried them! Anyone who’s been lucky enough to enjoy a fresh coconut on a tropical Queensland beach with a little soy sauce is sure to agree…

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt Flavour

Coconut, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.  Coconut lightly sprinkled with nutrient-rich salt from the Himalayas.