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We are all about this chocolate gummies mix from LOCAKO! designed for optimal gut and skin health, these gummies are a delicious treat that serve your body, and are so easy to prepare for something a little different! Great for lunch boxes and sitting on your saucer alongside your morning coffee.




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This fun and practical product will take you back to your youth! Introducing Chocolate Gummies DIY mix by Locako. Designed with the keto low carb lifestyle in mind, these are just the treat to aid your digestive system and your gut and skin health. With no added sugar, each packet makes 12 gummy treats that are both delicious AND good for you!

These gummies are made with grass-fed gelatin, quality coconut MCT oil powder, himalayan pink salt, natural vanilla, and other organic and plant based ingredients designed in keeping with the low carb, keto lifestyle – and just generally to make your body sing!

About Locako
These guys must be consistently consuming their own products to get so clever! Between creamers and gummies, the quality and percentage of fats in their products are the dream formula to get your mind going, and your body fuelled correctly. Without using sugar or gluten, and with a large emphasis on MCT oil, these products support ketosis and help to start or punctuate your day with extra energy! Health is their priority, and their products support the low-carb, keto lifestyle to a tee.