OnKeto brought together the ultimate keto friendly snacks collection on the Australian market, and combined them with speedy delivery and affordable prices.

Snacks can form an important part of the keto diet, and anyone devotedly keto knows how important quality of ingredients is to helping you feel strong, fit and healthy.

Whether your cravings are for sweet or sour, salty or crunchy or fatty, you’ll find all your keto diet snacks right here.

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Pork Crackle (Pork Rinds) – Huff & Puff

$3.00 $1.99

Protein Chips Nacho Cheese Tortilla Style 32g – Quest

Pork Crackle Salt and Vinegar BBQ 25g - Huff & Puff

$3.00 $1.99

Pork Crackle Original 25g - Huff & Puff

$3.00 $1.99

Protein Chips Cheddar & Sour Cream – Quest Nutrition

Protein Chips Sour Cream & Onion – Quest Nutrition

Protein Chips BBQ – Quest Nutrition

Protein Chips Ranch Tortilla Style – Quest Nutrition

Chocolate Coated Macadamias - Vitawerx

Chocolate Coated Almonds - Vitawerx

Choc Love Bites Protein Milk Chocolate With Salted Caramel Crisps 36g - Slim Secrets

White Chocolate Bar 100g - Vitawerx

Pork Crackle Hot American BBQ 25g - Huff & Puff

$3.00 $1.99

Keto Coffee Drops (Fat Bombs)- Essentially Keto

$19.95 $17.95

Chocolate Bar 100g - Vitawerx

Chocolate Coconut Rough Bar 100g - Vitawerx

Pork Crackle Sweet and Sour 25g - Huff & Puff

$3.00 $1.99

Protein Cookie Raspberry White Choc 64g - Justine’s

Protein Cookie Choc Chip 64g - Justine’s

Choc Love Bites Dark Chocolate With Mint Crisps 36g - Slim Secrets

Choc Love Bites Protein Milk Chocolate With Crushed Almonds 36g - Slim Secrets

Protein Chips Chili Lime Tortilla Style – Quest Nutrition

Pork Scratchings Rinds 100g - Pascal's

$7.50 $7.15

White Chocolate Coconut Rough Bar 100g - Vitawerx