There’s nothing like a good dose of fats or oils to get those mental juices flowing. Now, it’s easier to control your fat macros and stay on keto track than ever before, thanks to our wide range of Australian based keto products! Whether it’s delicious fat drops, highly activated MCT oils, collagen based creamer, or coconut products, there’s a low carb fatty oil, powder, cream, or butter to get your body and your brain well and truly moving – while ensuring that ketosis is cranking! You’ve got this – mind, body, and soul.

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Keto Fat Bomb Bars – Essentially Keto

Keto Coffee Drops (Fat Bombs)- Essentially Keto


Keto Bar Raspberry & Macadamia - Essentially Keto

Keto Bar Cacao, & Mint - Essentially Keto

Keto Bar Caramel & Hemp - Essentially Keto

Keto Bar Lemon & Coconut - Essentially Keto

Keto Bar Orange & Pecan - Essentially Keto

Keto Bar Coffee & Spice - Essentially Keto

Nut Butter – NOYA


MCT Oil & Grass Fed Collagen Coffee Creamer – LOCAKO


MCT Oil Original - Melrose 250ml


MCT Oil Pro Rapid - Melrose 250ml

Organic Coconut Milk Powder – Niulife

$11.95 $8.50

MCT Oil Original - Melrose 500ml


MCT Oil Powder – LOCAKO


Organic Coconut Oil Flavour Free 325ml - Melrose


Organic Coconut Ghee – Niulife


MCT Oil Pro Rapid - Melrose 500ml


Organic Cacao Butter – Nutra Organics


Nut Butter Pistachio - NOYA

Nut Butter ABC - NOYA

MCT Oil Pro Plus - Melrose 250ml


MCT Oil Powder Vanilla - LOCAKO

Nut Butter Royal Spread - NOYA