Too many health apps in the market and don't know where to start?

If this is your first time going on Keto or just starting a weight loss journey you soon realise that there's a ton of apps, tools and programs in the market.

These tools can play a crucial role in weight loss journeys by providing structure, support, and guidance to individuals seeking to achieve their goals. Here are some key apps tools and programs are helpful for weight loss and we've also added some of our personal recommendations.*

*Onketo is not affiliated with any of the following apps and we recommend everyone to consult a health professional who can better understand their health goal and tailor a solution to your personal needs. 

What are the different types of health apps out there?

  1. Goal Setting and Tracking: Mobile apps that allow individuals to set realistic goals and track their progress. They provide a way to measure and monitor key metrics such as weight, body measurements, calorie intake, and exercise routines. This tracking helps individuals stay accountable and motivated as they can see their progress over time.

  2. Exercise Planning: Tools and programs often include exercise planning features, such as workout routines, video demonstrations, and progress tracking. They help individuals design effective workout plans, including cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Regular exercise is essential for weight loss, as it helps burn calories, build muscle, and improve overall fitness.

  3. Education and Knowledge: Many weight loss tools and programs offer educational resources and information about nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle factors that impact weight. They empower individuals with knowledge about healthy eating habits, portion control, mindful eating, and sustainable lifestyle changes. By understanding the science behind weight loss, individuals can make informed decisions and develop long-term healthy habits.

  4. Nutritional Guidance: Many weight loss tools and programs offer nutritional guidance by providing meal plans, calorie counters, and food databases. These resources help individuals make informed choices about their diet, ensuring they consume a balanced and calorie-controlled intake. By understanding the nutritional content of their meals, individuals can make healthier choices and maintain a calorie deficit necessary for weight loss.
  5. Support and Accountability: Tools and programs often provide a sense of community and support. They may offer online forums, social media groups, or direct access to experts, coaches, or mentors. These support systems allow individuals to connect with others who are on a similar weight loss journey, share experiences, seek advice, and find motivation during challenging times.

  6. Behavior Tracking and Analysis: Some tools and programs enable individuals to track and analyze their behaviors related to eating, exercise, sleep, and stress. By identifying patterns and triggers, individuals can make positive changes to their behaviors and develop healthier habits. Tracking behaviors can also help individuals identify areas where they may need additional support or intervention.

  7. Motivation and Encouragement: Weight loss tools and programs often provide motivational features, such as progress charts, achievement badges, or personalised reminders. These features help individuals stay motivated and celebrate their milestones, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement and encouragement are vital for maintaining long-term commitment and adherence to a weight loss plan.

It's important to note that while tools and programs can be valuable, individual preferences and needs vary. It's advisable to choose tools and programs that align with your personal goals, lifestyles, and preferences. Consulting with healthcare professionals or registered dietitians can also provide personalised guidance and ensure safe and effective weight loss.

Here are some of our top favourite mobile apps


We recommend checking out MyFitnessPal (There's a free and premium version) Free is more than enough to try everything from your meals and macros.

Strong App

For Gym junkies & Weightlifters a good place to track your workout, frequency and intensity is which we found helpful keeping note on how many reps and the weight for each exercise to ensure you're always pushing yourself. 


Hate the gym? Love to go on a run and be with nature while getting a breath of fresh air? Check out Strava app Get more out of your workouts with custom goals, workout analysis and progress tracking. Find recommended routes. Connect with friends, join challenges and track your progress.


Love hiking and the great outdoors? Go exploring and don't get lost by bringing the map with you. Check out AllTrails to find your next outdoor adventure

NSW Free Phone and Online Health Coaching

If you’re over 16 years of age, live in NSW, and would like to have better health, NSW Get Healthy Service is for you. 

Get Healthy NSW Free Phone and Online Health Coaching

It’s a free government program to help you reach your health goals. You do it from home, at a time that suits you.

The program includes 6 or more regular confidential coaching calls with a university qualified health coach, who will help you set and work towards your goals. Your coach will send you emails and text messages to encourage you and remind you when appointments are coming up.

You also get personalised support and motivation through online resources like videos, webinars, Q&A sessions and webchats.

When you join Get Healthy, you get a customised plan to help you create healthy habits. The program can support you to: 

  1. eat healthily  
  2. get active  
  3. reduce the amount of alcohol you drink  
  4. reach and stay at a healthy weight 
  5. gain a healthy amount of weight in pregnancy  

    If you're based in other states please check out if you're local government offers similar free or subsidised programs.

    We did find the following:

    Free Health Care Services Queensland

    For Victoria Life! is a free healthy lifestyle program helping you improve your eating habits, increase your physical activity and manage stress.

    If you have any recommendations or apps you found that was useful on your weight loss journey we'd love to hear about it. We'll even add it to this list so that others can also benefit!