Vitawerx Keto Chocolate 35g & 100g

$4.25 – $7.99

Choc BarChoc Bar
Choc Coconut Rough BarChoc Coconut Rough Bar
Choc Fruit and Nut BarChoc Fruit and Nut Bar
White Choc BarWhite Choc Bar
White Choc Coconut Rough BarWhite Choc Coconut Rough Bar
White Chocolate Raspberry and MacadamiaWhite Chocolate Raspberry and Macadamia
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Product Description

Please note due to summer temperatures, this product may melt in transit. It still can be used but it may not arrive in original shape. Simply place in fridge when you receive if melted.

Oh, guilt-free chocolate, it sounds too good to be true! Want no more with these high protein, high fat keto chocolate bars from Vitawerx! Low in sugar and carbohydrates, naturally gluten free and naturally sweetened, you’ll be making way to fit this perfect treat into your diet in no time!

You’ll now be well and truly be sorted for satiety at snack time! These pint-sized chocolate bars from Vitawerx are the healthy alternative to smacking down two Freddo frogs without the later guilts!

Packing over 10g of both protein AND fat per serve, these low sugar, low carbohydrate chocolate keto delights are naturally sweetened, and gluten free, so you can share with your coeliac mates!

Enjoy with your late-morning coffee and let the deceptively healthy chocolate hit carry you through to lunch time, hit that three-thirty-itis at work, or enjoy after dinner as a perfect little dessert!

Available in chocolate, fruit and nut, coconut rough, quinoa puff, and white chocolate variations of the above, there’s a flavour to try every day of the week, for every craving!