KOOEE! Grass-fed Beef Jerky

When you need something heartier than nuts between meals, get around KOOEE! Beef jerky as your low carb, keto beef jerky choice for your snack attack. In Four meatalicious flavours, support Australian whilst hitting every craving in the guts with 

What is beef jerky?

Beef jerky hails from The Americas and is essentially lean cuts of beef that are cut into thin strips and cured with salt. then dried for around fifteen hours. Known as a travellers snack, jerky has also been identified by athletes as a nutritious, high fat food source.

How is beef jerky made?

The meat is dried at 50 degrees celsius, and then is left to dry for around fifteen hours. Sometimes beef jerky is smoked. KOOEE! includes no sugar, and nothing artificial -  high quality salt acts as the preservative, as well as flavouring the meat, so there’s no need for any yucky stuff!

How to store

Once open, oxygen starts to spoil food, so you have up to three days to finish your packet! During this period, store in the fridge and in zip lock bags with the air squeezed out. When kept sealed, and stored in the conditions labelled, KOOEE beef jerky will last five months on the shelf.


Classic Sea SaltClassic Sea Salt
Smoked ChipotleSmoked Chipotle
Habanero ChilliHabanero Chilli
Native PepperNative Pepper
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